Have you ever wondered why many companies across the globe have a twitter account? Well, this is to some extent used as a social media marketing strategy by many companies. Social media is to a large extent one of the most powerful influence one can use to make something go viral and for companies, in a bid to make their companies trend, they have made good use of the social media platform to get many twitter likes and twitter followers as well which would as a result lead to the popularity of the company by making it trend or rather, as some would prefer, go viral.

So having said that, you may be wondering how the twitter likes will help in improving a company’s popularity. Well, this mainly works on the intuition basis in that, when you see that a company is numerously liked on twitter, you would raise an eyebrow and try to find out more about the company and what exactly has made it to become well liked. It is usually as simple as that and that is why social media has remained to be one of the easiest and most affordable platforms for company marketing and advertising.